Chinatown Pizza – Mosco Pizza

Mosco Pizza


After treating my family to lunch, Arson was telling me of a place in Chinatown that was actually a pizzeria. What? A pizzeria in Chinatown when Little Italy is merely on the other side of Canal? Would it actually taste like pizza? Well, Arson and I checked it out. It only opened three months ago. It’s right across the street from the other well-known dumpling place by Columbus Park. Rather small — it would be easy to miss it — with a quaint flag billowing in the wind with the words mosco pizza written on it.

R.Sin ordered the student special — $2.00 for a can of soda and a slice. The slice was fairly large and crunchy. The slice wasn’t truly anything special (it needed some more sauce), but it was edible. If you don’t want greasy, fried dumplings, then why not eat here? (It’s cheaper than Little Italy, I’ll tell you that much …) There’s a cute balcony with a view of, well, the side of the Transfiguration Church, but still, it’s nice decor. The place is small which makes it rather homely.

Considering that this is Chinatown, we say thumbs up for a pizzeria in Chinatown with a Chinese guy making this. If you feel like you just want a slice, and you can’t bring yourself to cross the wide dangerous street of Canal, then your best bet is here.

::edit::  5/08

i’ve been walking around there for the past few weeks, and it seems as though this pizzeria will be closed down indefinitely. Shame, no more pizza in Chinatown.