Buk Chang Dong (Sunnyside)

40-06 Queens Boulevard (Sunnyside)
11AM – 12AM

Soondubu jjigae (spicy soft tofu Korean stew) holds a very special and dear place in my heart. The first time I was ever introduced to Korean food was when my (Korean) friend introduced me to the BCD in Bayside, and there — there, I fell in love. However, I recently cheated and ate at the Sunnyside location. And while their menu is smaller, and they don’t have flat screen TVs broadcasting international soccer games, the ambiance is more private and low-key.

BCD Exterior

I had the beef soondubu and shared the kimchi and pork pancake. The food came out quickly, and our waiter was so nice. He spoke to my friend(s) in Korean and then turned to me and repeated my order in English. Well, yay, I’m glad I wasn’t ignored! My only gripe with the soondubu is that it’s never hot enough. Although, truth be told, it might be my own fault because I only ask for spicy. (You can order: very spicy, spicy, medium, mild.) But the pancake is so delicious and made with rice flour — considering how I’m going gluten-free (except One Wicked Day of Gluten Indulgence), it is AMAZING. It is my favorite kimchi pancake EVER. It is just the right amount of spiciness mixed with the sourness of kimchi and just – UGH. Make sure you order this when you venture out to Sunnyside.

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Kimchi & Pork Pancake

Spicy Beef Soondubu