City Island Outing!

Johnny’s Reef Restaurant

2 City Island Ave (Bronx)

My friend said to me before our little outing: “There is only one reason why we go to City Island.” So as we traveled from Queens (to pick up another friend) to the Bronx, I heard both of them exclaim (and squeal) in excitement over the food and what they were planning on ordering. I figured I could walk in and look at the menu — really, just take my time deciding. They turned to me: “What do you plan on getting?” And I told them I didn’t know since I had never been there, and they said, “Fried seafood. You have to order something like that.” So I responded: “I don’t know, I guess, clams? Fried clams? Is that good?” They nodded, satisfied with my answer.

And now, onto the menu:

Johnny’s Reef (Interior)

Johnny’s Reef (Interior 2)

Okay, I have to confess, I didn’t take a picture of their third menu. All I know is that we ordered from the fried seafood menu. I will update with the other menu when I go back. These are separate stations where you can order, and they have line cooks behind the counter people working the registers. So everything was ready quickly. I will say, however, that the total came out to around $30 or $40, including drinks.

Johnny’s Reef (Exterior)

We walked outside and saw plenty of people sitting at these picnic tables without a care. And I believe the reason is because of the netting that the restaurant has up to fend off the vicious seagulls. But they’re there on the sidelines, waiting and watching. Also, even though you’re not supposed to drink alcohol or play music there, we did get some background music from one motorcyclist who was carrying his radio around or something.  Thank you for the merengue, sir.

Fried Clams, Fries, & A Piece of Fried Fish

My friend cut a piece of her fish and gave it to me so no, those are not my teeth marks. I would have taken a picture of her platter but she had already finished almost half of it before she realized I was taking pictures with my phone. Needless to say, the fish was really good, too. Everything tastes so fresh, AND I almost burned my mouth because I couldn’t wait to eat.

Fried Shrimp & French Fries

The fries are actually deeply buried underneath the fried orders along with the coleslaw and lemon. But you squirt the lemon, let the juice drizzle out, and dunk everything in their tartar sauce, and it is…delicious.

City Island Bridge

You can walk alongside the relatively short bridge…which is what I did to take this picture, if you couldn’t tell.

The view!

 I’m heading back next week to try the calamari and the soft serve ice cream at Lickety Split. So we’ll see how that goes.