Paris Baguette (Flushing)

Paris Baguette

156-24 Northern Blvd (Flushing)

After eating samgyupsal & bibimbap at Tong Sam Gyup Goo Ee (otherwise known as Migliore in English), my friend and I decided to get some dessert. I had just gotten a parking ticket (I was off by a minute — or at least, that’s what the hairdresser who came running after me let me know) so I suggested Paris Baguette since there was a parking lot. I hadn’t been to this location, and also, it’s been awhile since I visited a bakery.

Interior (1)

So many choices, so little time. It’s self-serve, by the way.

Interior (2)

It’s so pretty in here! I love the decor. Also, they have a bookshop at the back. I didn’t check out what kind of books they were selling, though, sorry. Although, honestly, I’m not sure if I would come here to study or do work. The noise level is a little high, probably around the same as a Cosi, maybe even Starbucks. Well, also, they were playing Big Bang’s latest album so obviously I was distracted and starting singing along.

Canelle (?) AKA Custard Thingie

I honestly don’t remember what this was called, but all I can tell you is that it was really good. It was very light with a semi-thick crust.


I like their cheesecake because it’s not as dense or rich as a traditional New York cheesecake. Their version is a little more spongey, and if you’ve ever had a slice of cake at a Chinese bakery, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. But they still have that slight taste of a traditional cheesecake but not as filling. Which is kind of awesome if you’re counting calories but want to treat yourself because 1/3 of it is only 170 calories. (Side note: As I was trying to figure out how many calories there were in this, I see that it is made with wheat flour. Thank goodness I don’t actually have celiac disease because I really suck at this, clearly. I should have realized with the spongeyness.)

Macarons Packaging

And of course, I picked up the macarons! Who doesn’t like macarons? And yes, I’m a sucker for almost anything says gluten-free on it. Even though they’re supposed to be GF anyway because they’re made of egg whites. Just look at the packaging!

Macarons (Chocolate, Green Tea, Pumpkin)

The chocolate has a rich flavor, and I had to stop myself from devouring it. I have an incorrigible sweet tooth. The green tea was sweet so that was a nice surprise. Ah, but my friend and I danced around the pumpkin macaron. We both weren’t sure if we were ready to take the risk. Firstly, she makes an awesome pumpkin pie so already her standards are way up. Secondly, I don’t actually like pumpkin or pumpkin-flavored anything. But we both had one at the same time, and this was the real surprise. We weren’t quite sure what it was, but there wasn’t any overpowering pumpkin taste to it, instead there was something rather almond-y to it. For me, I thought immediately that it tasted like Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte (it smells the same, at least).

Also, I really like the staff’s uniform: black-and-white striped tee and black pants. So simple, yet so clean. I always think of mimes, though.