YoNYC!, is a collection of everything we come across day to day in New York. Cool hip trends, food reviews, random observations and fun things that are going on in the city we love, NEW YORK CITY.

The restaurants and bars that appear in YoNYC are chosen by us. We visit the establishments anonymously and pay for our own meals. YoNYC! does not accept compensation of any kind in exchange for listing on our site.

My name is Kawai Sin, a web developer and food enthusiast. In July 2007 YoNYC.net was created, a blog about the nitty gritty things that goes on in New York City, beginning with Chinatown Manhattan. This project was a platform for me and my friends to photograph, talk and write about local eats around town. Occasionally covering events, finding cool stuff and writing about random observation that interested us.

Feel free to contact me, if you’re interested in being a collaborator on this project.


A cousin of Kawai’s, he asked me if I would be interested in writing for his site. Sure, I said, and now I’m on the quest of trying to document whatever I think is worthy to post here. I like fudz (Asian, in particular, I don’t know if you could have possibly guessed that!), literary and/or cultural events, and long walks in the city especially in semi-cold weather. Also, I’m currently on a gluten-free diet six days of the week and allow myself one random Day of Gluten Indulgence. I’d like to plead for your forgiveness in advance for I do not have a professional camera or even a Canon, and I am simply relying on my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 for photos.

Um .. picture will be added later. But you can spot me in some of the other pics I’ve taken of various places!



I am Ryan and yet another cousin of Kawai, and I roam Chinatown weekly. Aside from bickering about the extra 25 cents on all the old $1 food, I’m an astute eater, although I would prefer something salty and fried with a bowl of rice; the more the mono-sodium glutamate the better. When I’m not critiquing food, I’ll be watching a movie. I’ll update once in while, with some normal looking food, I’ll leave the weird stuff in Chinatown for the admin.


A co-worker and skate buddy of Kawai, I started writing for YoNYC on the verge of a quarter life crisis. I enjoy writing under my nickname so readers are forced to constantly guess my gender.

Originally hailing from the mean streets of Whitestone, Queens minutes outside of downtown Flushing, I’ve had my fair share of exposure to Asian food culture. So even though I’m stark white of east slavic descent and not quite a foodie, I’m open to eating almost anything. Exceptions include brains, fungus, jellyfish, anything still in its shell and anything involving ketchup or mayo.

Fun Fact: I cry every year at the Halloween parade.

For clues as to what my gender is, follow me on tumblr or friend me on yelp.

Ryan Chu

YoNYC! Blogging has always been a challenge for me. The internet is a saturated place for many topics, and high on the list of such topics are the “foodie/my-life-is-better-than-yours” type blog sites.

I hate those sites. The internet provides people who have no business being writers or entertainers a medium to express their misguided feelings and arguments.

This is not my intent. I want to document my misadventures – because I will invariably forget – and if I do pass judgment, it will be based on expressed, personal experiences.

So why “go public?” Isn’t that hypocritical? The answer is that I’m selfish. I want to be wrong, I want feedback, and I want people to enjoy the ride with me. Because the more people go out and make their own decisions about things, especially on glorious food, the better off we ALL are in the end.

I like food. I like booze. I like having a good time. I like seeing others having a good me. And that’s all that should really matter.